5th Year After 9/11 + Fashion Week

This year holds the 5th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks (in one month, actually). Not only is it a dangerous time anyway, but it’s been made clear that plans were made to strike around this time. Are there more plans for waiting?
Now the thing is, Fashion Week Spring 2007 in New York City is September 8th through 15th.
Is New York safe for the designers, models, editors and even now … bloggers(!)?
Are you worried? As a blogger, if you were invited, would you go to New York Fashion Week in the Fall, especially on a big anniversary of September 11th?
New York Style Week is coming to an in-depth and upcoming trends take all of our minds. But let’s not pretend, can any of us really pay the looks we just noticed coming down the catwalk? Not likely. But don’t get discouraged!
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Kanye West remained in Paris, where Kim still left him to enjoy fashion week because she jetted home just before embarking on her journey in order to Africa. While home, Betty accentuated her growing infant bump but kept this covered all at once by wearing the snug black outfit using a sleek camel trench, anchored subtly across her slightly-enlarged tummy. Sky-high heels finished the look; careful, Kim! It could be time to take it down a good inch or two. We are going to sure Kanye will accept!
I know, when my female friends ask me where should I buy my shoes, 90% of the time, I lie. Who would like to look like someone else? Now head out there and shop plus take your girlfriends with you.