COMMUNIQUÉ: Netafim, perfectly aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

 perfectly aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

“Sustainability has been part of the essence of Netafim since its founding in 1965,” said Ran Maidan, CEO of Netafim. “As a global leader in intelligent irrigation, Netafim is committed to driving the mass adoption of intelligent irrigation solutions to combat food, water and land shortages, offering the most complete and advanced solutions for all types of crops and for farmers at all levels. scales, we are helping the world to grow more with less and thus ensure a sustainable future. “


For years, Netafim has worked tirelessly with our partners 

"For years, Netafim has worked tirelessly with our partners 

the public and private sectors to advance sustainable agriculture practices and help define ways to achieve global sustainability,” said Naty Barak, director of sustainability at Netafim. “Our 2015 report demonstrates how our sustainability strategy supports these efforts and aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

“By helping farmers obtain sustainable livelihoods, expanding access to irrigation and conducting our business responsibly, we strive to make smart irrigation solutions an accessible and preferred option for irrigated crops around the world.” , added Rachel Shaul, director of marketing and external affairs for Netafim.

The report highlights the number of recent case studies around the world. In an example of prosperity action, the company prepared the 2015 launch of the large-scale rice irrigation pilot trial with the Tamil Nadu government of India involving 600 farmers that has increased yields by 20 % and has reduced water use by 60%. In another example, Netafim is a majority partner of the Netafim Agricultural Financing Agency (NAFA), which has provided $ 33 million in loans in three years, allowing 23,000 small farmers in India to install drip systems on 22,000 hectares. The goal of Netafim focused on the formation of prosperity was evident in a Kenyan project, which is part of the Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation program that has USAID funds. Netafim has trained 5,000 small farmers in the use of the family kit – Family Drip System (TM) (FDS (TM)), while working with banks to secure financing and with buyers to help farmers sell their production .

Netafim is a world leader in intelligent irrigation solutions

a sustainable future. With 28 subsidiaries, 17 production plants and 4,300 employees worldwide, Netafim provides innovative solutions for farmers of all sizes, from small farmers to large agricultural producers, in more than 110 countries. Founded in 1965, Netafim has been a pioneer in the drip revolution, creating a paradigm shift towards low-flow agricultural irrigation. Currently, Netafim provides diverse solutions – from cutting-edge drip to advanced automated systems – for agriculture, greenhouses, landscaping and mining, accompanied by expert, technical and functional agronomist support. Being specialized in complete solutions ranging from water resources to the root zone, Netafim provides its revolutionary systems and greenhouse projects, with the support of engineering, project management and financing services. Netafim’s leading solutions are helping the world to grow more with less. For more information,