Alec Hogg’s inbox: open letter to our president is long overdue

It has been a long time since we had as many feedbacks as with the Open Letter to Cyril Ramaphosa published yesterday. It was submitted by a member of the BizNews community who requested to remain anonymous. The content has certainly hit the spot for many. Here is an email from stockbroker Nigel Dunn, an occasional contributor and son of the late Colin Dunn who, as CEO of The Discount House of SA, devoted many hours to helping my young self understand the intricacies of money and capital markets. Nigel’s email says:

A very good long awaited letter to our President – why four years later? This Presidency was catastrophically bad, it did not surprise me, I warned many, but was despised …….

We have seen a global coup against Trump with the goal of moving towards an unelected global body that he has resisted – Klaus Schwab (founder of the World Economic Forum) wrote a book called The Great Reset / UN Agenda 2021/30 is on their website; when people tell you what to do, worse still do, dismissing it as an “iron hat” thing brings new meaning to the words delusional and / or stupid.

What bothers me is Schwab’s repeated use of globalist words and his presence at the recent G-7 meeting, (4th industrial revolution / build back better ……) – is it controlled? If so by who? These are the relevant questions that everyone avoids, and as long as they do, we run the risk of blindly sliding deeper into the darkness of global tyranny like UK / Canada / France / Australia and many others. Western countries have already done so. I hope I am wrong, but keep an open mind on all issues, as the apparent disagreement between some state security organs and the Presidency is worrying, as is its inability to act decisively at the start of this process. “The insurrection. “

It’s a known fact that the next step in the ‘big reset’ is to exaggerate climate change and create food shortages – we see these emerging everywhere as supply chains break, food rots in. warehouses and arable land fallow while governments pay. offshore farmers. The floods we are seeing in China and parts of Europe will amplify food inflation and scarcity – we are already seeing restrictions in Durban – 20 items max etc.

Contrary to this are those who believe the world is heading towards “the great awakening” led by an alliance of military personnel who have / are dismantling the infrastructure of those who have abused power for decades, arrests and military tribunals to follow.

We are at an inflection point never before seen by humans – it would be refreshing to see a cohesive editorial that addresses the key issues facing the world right now; the resolution of good against evil, or more straightforwardly the truth against lies. Far too many people focus on the noise rather than the key principles; this must be resolved immediately if we are to retain the freedom we take for granted and for which many of our ancestors fought, some losing their lives in the process.

And here’s an email from another old friend, horse racing icon John Freeman. He wrote:

Hi Alec – Hope you are dealing with the madness. It’s been a while since we last chatted. I love Biznews. Well done. The open letter to the president that you published today is perfect.

It sums up the frustrations that any taxpayer is feeling right now. I watched a DSTV show last night about pirates in the 1600s and early 1700s / anarchy was the order of the day. The analogies would be funny if they weren’t so terrible and so real in South Africa today.

The mistakes made by the UK government and the steps it has taken to end piracy are a valuable lesson for our President. I doubt however that he has membership and I doubt that he has control of SAPS and SANDF.

And here’s a note from Clive Bryden that has a drastic suggestion:

I think the only way for the ANC to take a small step forward in bringing in those who are behind the looting is for everyone who is in business, especially the big companies and malls that have suffered from the looting. looting, refuse to pay the tariffs.

This should wake up local and national government. Why should they pay for services that they have failed and will continue to lack?

Have a great weekend.

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