Are Term Limits Really Right for North Dakota?

MINOT, ND — It has been a circuitous route to the ballot for a ballot measure implementing term limits for lawmakers and the governor of North Dakota. State officials argue the underlying signature-gathering process was riddled with fraud, but the state Supreme Court put it on the ballot for a legal detail, finding the secretary of State had no power to disqualify him.

Whatever you or I may think about how the measure got there, voters in North Dakota will be faced with a decision on it.

Should legislators be limited to no more than eight years in a legislative chamber?

Should the governor be prohibited from running for more than two four-year terms?

Does limiting the time lawmakers can exercise create a disparity in the balance of power between branches of state government?

And why shouldn’t voters keep voting for the same candidates over and over again if that’s what they really want?

We’ve talked about these questions and more in this episode of Plain Talk.

Mike Motschenbacher and Dustin Gawrylow, two longtime conservative activists in state politics (the former is currently campaigning for a State House seat in District 47 as a Republican), joined to discuss the issue. .

Gawrylow is for term limits, while Motschenbacher, like me, is against it.

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