Armenian MOD offers early release from compulsory military service in exchange for payment to the state budget

The Ministry of Defense (MOD) of Armenia proposes early release of basic soldiers from compulsory military service after completing their training phase – average: 4.5 months – from compulsory military service – and on condition that the given military pays 24 million drams (about $60,000) to the state budget.

The corresponding Bill on Amendments and Addenda to the Law on Military Service and the Status of Servicemen has been put up for public discussion by the MOD on the website for publication of draft legal acts.

This MOD initiative stems from a clause in a government program, according to which legislative bases should be created to reduce the length of compulsory military service in Armenia.

Also, the MOD plans to introduce a new program, which will be called Defender of the Homeland. It involves the transition from compulsory military service for soldiers to contractual military service, the duration of which is planned for five years. In addition, after the end of the respective signed contract, these servicemen will receive an honorarium of 5 million drams (about $12,500), which the given soldier or citizen can dispose of at his discretion – and without any binding conditions.

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