At the end of the 5-year term, MBMC becomes a trustee after two decades

The Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) will be headed by a director after a period of almost two decades. The 5-year tenure of the existing house, led by the BJP alone, ended on Saturday, August 27. The current municipal commissioner of the civic body, Dilip Dhole has been appointed administrator. An official decree to this effect was taken on Friday by Sonia Sethi who is the main secretary (2) of the UDD.

The ordinances were passed in accordance with Sections 6 and 6A of the Maharashtra Municipal Corporation (MMC) Act 1949. The move comes amid municipal polls being delayed due to issues including a legal entanglement over Other Backward Class (OBC) bookings. The last time a trustee was appointed for the civic body was 20 years ago, when the former Mira Bhayandar City Council was upgraded to corporate status in 2002 and the chief officer Shivmurthi Naik was the head of affairs.

As the 95-member general body and all committees will automatically cease to exist, the state-appointed administrator who will handle the administrative and financial operation of the civic body will have the final say in deciding the fate of the proposals. and other questions. belonging to the civic body. “As administrators, my team and I will continue to work as usual to complete the projects and ensure the full development of the Twin Cities,” Dhole said, adding that the focus will be on improving civic amenities. basics, including cleanliness, water supply, improving health care and the quality of education for citizens.

Elected officials and other board members are now former MBMC house members, officials said. The directors will be in charge of MBMC until the first meeting of the society is held after the elections.

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