Athlete of the week: luck for Bennington’s beginners or long overdue success? | New


SPENCER, Wisconsin (WAOW) – Play soccer or ride a bike. You never forget how to do both. This is the case with Brock Bennington of Spencer / Columbus Catholics.

“I just started lifting, and I wanted to hit some people so I just joined.”

He came out for the first year on the team and hated it. So he resigned. But the summer before his senior season, a piece of paper from the head coach made him change his mind.

“He actually sent me a letter this summer asking if I wanted to come back, I knew I was capable of it and I just decided to do it,” Bennington said.

Give the grill another try, he’s gotten to work this offseason.

Bennington said: “We spent a lot of time in the weight room and we had two days a day which was tough, but before summer I was 155 and now I’m 170.”

And in his debut, he ran over 200 yards, sacked and scored three touchdowns. You can call it luck for newbies, he’ll call it “late”.

“I don’t know, I was really excited and excited for the coming season.”

After a game like this, his teammates showed their support, “they are like proud of me and really excited for the coming season”

But this is only the first game. This week they face top dog Colby, and Brock is aiming for a successful season, “just trying to stay focused and not have too much ego.”


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