Availity and Vim Announce Innovative New Initiative, Extending Payer-Provider Engagement from Platform to Point-of-Care

Initial efforts to focus on help providers effortlessly close gaps in care by uncovering actionable payer insights at the point of care.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. and NEW YORK, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Availablitythe nation’s largest real-time health information network, today announced a new initiative with Vigor, the healthcare industry’s leading point-of-care connection platform, for connecting payer data to clinical workflows at the point-of-care. The combined solution will help break down information silos between payers and the physician at the point of care, reduce administrative burden, optimize the provider and patient experience, and usher in a new era of increased cross-organizational focus on the improved patient outcomes.

Through this collaboration, Availity Payer Partners will be able to connect clinical content, such as open gaps in care, directly to provider interfaces at the point of care through the powerful integration and enhancement platform. Vim workflow. Vim’s proven technology, used nationwide by major provider groups and some of the nation’s largest payers, combined with Availity’s extensive network of real-time health information provider-payers, will create new opportunities to achieve the common goal of success in value-based care and other payer-provider initiatives.

“We are excited to see these two companies come together and combine their innovative technologies and industry relationships to create value,” said Chuck Divita, Executive Vice President of Commercial Markets at GuideWell, and a Vim and Availity client. “Availity and Vim have an impressive technology stack and we’re excited to see how their partnership is transforming healthcare.”

The first capability supported by this initiative will be the point-of-care delivery of quality gaps, suspect diagnoses, and other care reminders relevant to the delivery of high-quality care. By integrating actionable patient insights at the point of care, Availity and Vim will help providers realize and leverage new opportunities to close gaps in care through a simple, scalable and flexible approach. Availity’s extensive real-time network of vendor connectivity will provide a channel for payers to provide this information, and Vim’s state-of-the-art integration engine makes implementation simple and fast for vendors.

“Since our inception, Availity has been committed to helping payers and providers overcome the administrative hurdles that have too long stifled their ability to collaborate effectively and efficiently,” said Rus Thomas, Managing Director, Availity. “We are excited to establish this collaboration with Vim in the next step of our mission to break down payer-provider communication silos.”

“Vim’s point-of-service connection platform and EHR connectivity are more powerful, scalable, and more attractive to providers than traditional approaches to payer data access,” said Oron Afek, CEO and co-founder of Vim. “We have seen how much easier we can make it easier for suppliers to connect and their high engagement rates with our solution once suppliers are connected. We are proud to partner with Availity as we move towards a multi-platform payers that will fuel the future of health care.”

About availability

Availability is where healthcare finds the answers it needs to focus on patient care again. We’re working to solve communication challenges in healthcare by creating a richer, more transparent exchange of information between health plans, providers, and technology partners. As one of the nation’s largest health information networks, Availity facilitates billions of clinical, administrative and financial transactions each year. Our dynamic product suite, built on a powerful and intelligent platform, enables real-time collaboration to succeed in a competitive, value-driven care environment.

For more information, including an online demonstration, please visit www.availity.com or call 1.800.AVAILITY (282.4548).

About Vim

Founded in 2015, Vigor connects data and information to the workflow of providers at the “last mile” of healthcare: in clinical operations at the point of patient care. Health plans, patients, and care providers of all sizes — from independent practitioners to integrated delivery systems — use Vim software to connect data and care across the entire healthcare ecosystem. Vim’s mission is to provide affordable, high-quality healthcare through seamless connectivity. For more information, please visit getvim.com.

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