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A retiree told TalkRADIO that she was prepared to go to jail rather than pay the TV license. In July, the BBC announced that those over 75 should start paying the license fee from the end of the month. Until August 2020, retirees in this age group benefited from a TV license. Katie from Blackpool called TalkRADIO with Kevin O’Sullivan to explain that she was being harassed by the broadcaster after refusing to pay for the license.

Katie told TalkRADIO: “I am not going to pay for my TV license and I will go to jail.

“I can watch it for free then, can’t I?” “

She continued, “I am 77 years old and I received a red letter of what they threatened me.”

“Send law enforcement to me to make me pay, but they don’t stand a chance,” Katie added.

O’Sullivan asked Katie how long she had been paying license fees to the BBC, she replied: “Forever until the age of 75!”

When asked to comment on current BBC content, Kate said: “I never watch it.”

She told O’Sullivan the programs were “garbage, garbage.”

He comes as GB News Patrick Christys okay criticized the BBC for “criminalizing the elderly”.

He said: “License fees: is it good value for money? £ 159. That’s the price of four flights to Paris or one of my take-out meals.

“The BBC has ended its grace period for license fees for those over 75, so they now have to pay to have some company in their own homes.

“In fact, if they don’t pay, the BBC can basically send the boys on a ‘customer service visit’ to politely inform them that if they don’t shell out the money they will be fined 1,000. £ or maybe even go to court.

“I would gently suggest that criminalizing the elderly is not a good idea for the Beeb.”


“You need a license to watch and record any output live on any channel, but you can watch on-demand services without any,” he explained.

“Basically the BBC is holding your television hostage as one of the best in Beirut.

“The license fee currently earns the company £ 3.2bn a year, of which almost £ 1m is spent on Zoe Ball’s radio show salary so she can come to work and say, “What a beautiful song that was, next to this is another beautiful song.

“The elderly face an epidemic of loneliness. Many of them, especially in our current Covid world, don’t venture out of their homes, they may not have relatives or friends, and the only company they have all day. is their television. “


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