CarePort Launches Post Discharge Tool to Help Hospitals Meet Interoperability


CarePort Health, which develops software for care transitions, announced a new tool, CarePort Connect for Interoperability, which it says is designed to help hospitals comply with the new Centers for Medicare final interoperability rules and Medicaid Services.


CMS’s amended conditions of participation require hospitals participating in Medicare and Medicaid to send electronic notifications to other health facilities or community providers when a patient is admitted, released, or transferred. As an intermediary, the Allscripts CarePort branch can send these notifications on behalf of a hospital.

CarePort platform hosts 40% of hospital discharges to U.S. post-acute care providers, connecting thousands of hospitals to 180,000 post-acute care providers in 43 states and handling 10 million patient events per day. Its customizable patient event notifications include clinical information to contextualize the patient’s history and help manage the referral process.


In March, CMS and ONC published their respective final interoperability rules, with numerous CMS provisions focused on integrating electronic notification requirements, with the goal of enabling post-acute care providers to effectively contact patients. for follow-up services.

Hospitals are expected to have electronic notification policies and procedures in place by spring 2021. And while there will be a modest grace period for some of the application deadlines, experts say healthcare organizations should start their compliance planning now.

In a recent HIMSS20 digital presentation, National Health Information Technology Coordinator Dr Donald Rucker told HIMSS CEO Hal Wolf that the ONC’s accompanying set of rules, which define regulations regarding information blocking and requiring patient API access, will result in a ‘full ecosystem’ of technology – and he explained how the current coronavirus crisis has highlighted the value of circulating patient data more freely.


“It’s time for inter-continuum care coordination to become a priority, and CarePort’s extensive network is uniquely placed to foster increased communication and transparency between hospitals, physicians and post-acute care providers,” said CarePort CEO and Founder Dr Lissy Hu said in a statement.

“Despite the extended delays resulting from COVID-19, this pandemic has highlighted – more than ever – the critical importance of interoperability and contextual and actionable alerts to better inform patient care,” she said. declared.

Kat Jercich is Editor-in-Chief of Healthcare IT News.
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