Could the January 6 hearings prompt Trump to run for another term?

The big question surrounding the Jan. 6 congressional hearings is whether former President Donald Trump can survive politically or if they will simply push him to run for another term in the White House.

Trump — depending on your political perspective — has been the star or villain of the hearings so far, with Democrats obsessed with uncovering enough evidence to criminally indict him for the Jan. 6 Capitol riots and burning down his political future.

But it’s a double-edged sword, because elevating Trump also increases his influence and stature among his supporters.

The hearings could also make Trump even more determined to run again. The former president is so selfish that he wants vindication and revenge, and winning another term is the best way to do that.

Some Democrats, in fact, may want to run against Trump more than a newcomer like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The second day of hearings took a decidedly political turn on Monday, with Democrats spending more time defending the electoral process than vilifying Trump.

Democrats also made a shocking revelation that Trump raised funds through his claims the election was stolen, saying the money was intended to fight voter fraud. Wow, what a blockbuster.

“So not only was there the big lie, there was the big rip-off,” said U.S. Representative Zoe Lofgren, a California Democrat. “Donors deserve to know where their funds are really going. They deserve better than President Trump and his team have done. »

Is it illegal? Or just politics as usual? Democrats and their affiliated groups rake in as much money as Trump from audiences.

Where does a bloviant politician end and criminal activity begin? How many politicians claimed the election was stolen? Many over the years. But they never faced a criminal investigation.

And what are the political fallout so far?

Over the past few days, Democrats on the Jan. 6 panel have repeatedly tried to convince Americans watching and federal investigators that there is enough evidence to charge Trump.

One of the Democrats’ goals is to demonize all Republicans in hopes of dampening what looks like a Republican red wave in November’s midterm elections.

But will that be enough to distract from Biden’s disastrous presidency?

Not so far.

Inflation and the tank economy remain the dominant issues on the minds of most Americans, and these issues are the root cause of President Biden’s approval ratings plummeting.

Democrats want voters to sit around the kitchen table talking about the hearings, but are viewers really sitting around talking about the price of bread and milk?

Biden is less popular than Trump was at this point in his presidency, and no amount of TV ratings will change that.

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