Dangarembgwa calls for his release – Bulawayo24 News

Filmmaker and novelist Tsitsi Dangarembgwa has filed for an acquittal in the state case in which she is accused of participating in an unlawful assembly aimed at causing public violence.

Dangarembgwa is jointly accused alongside Julie Gabriel Barnes. They are represented by Chris Mhike.

In their joint petition, they argued that the state had failed to prove that there were facts against them.

Three witnesses, Constable Cleopas Chupinga, Assistant Inspectors Donald Chademana and Christian Vungai Makora testified for the state.

The duo said witnesses agreed there was nothing on their placards that could be considered obscene, threatening, abusive or insulting.

“Witnesses also testified that no violence, breach of the peace or bigotry materialized from the actions of the accused, and they did not illustrate how the holding of signs with innocuous words by two unarmed women could create the potential for violence, breach of the peace or bigotry,” they submitted.

“The defendants have no case to make, nor is there any legal basis for detaining the defendants any longer in this trial or for bringing them to their defense in the hope that one way or another ‘until the two can incriminate each other and substantiate an otherwise incredible story in the state’s history.”

Magistrate Barbara Mateko adjourned the case to June 27 to rule.

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