Des Plaines plans referendum to overturn term limits

Top floors of Des Plaines City Hall, 1420 Miner Street (newspaper photo)

A referendum to eliminate term limits for Des Plaines elected officials could appear on local election ballots as early as November — if aldermen approve at Monday night’s (Aug. 15) city council meeting.

A resolution authorizing placement of a referendum on the Nov. 8 ballot “asking whether term limits for all elected officials should be eliminated” has been prepared for aldermen, City Attorney Peter Friedman said in a statement. a service note.

Approval of the resolution would forward the question to election officials for placement on the Nov. 8 ballot or in the next available election permitted by election law. Local municipal elections will be held next spring.

Voting “yes” in the referendum would allow officials to change the city code to eliminate term limits for “all elected officials.” In Des Plaines city government, this currently includes the mayor, alderman, and city clerk. Term limits would remain in place if voters decline the question.

The wording of the referendum question is as follows: “Will the Town of Des Plaines eliminate term limits for each elected member of the Town? »

Term limits currently limit the mayor, alderman and clerk to two consecutive four-year terms.

Check back for updates.

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