First Collect International specialize in providing a full service overdue accounts collection in the UK and internationally

First Collect International (FCI) is a debt collection expert that has been collecting debts internationally and domestically for over 20 years now.

The majority of business owners have to deal with customers who delay their payments or refuse to pay at all. To collect unpaid debts on their own, companies often start to lose sight of their work, which ends up having a negative influence on the company’s finances. This is the reason why many business owners and large organizations decide to entrust the task of collecting overdue accounts to reputable and reliable debt collection service providers such as First Collect International (FCI). This UK based company has been collecting international and domestic receivables for over 20 years.

The First Collect International spokesperson in an interview said: “At First Collect International we specialize in providing fast, efficient and cost effective full service delivery in the UK and global debt collection service. Our Full list of services includes B2B Debt Collection, Terms and Conditions Review Service, Legal Expense Insurance, Credit Reports, Asset Divestiture, Dispute Resolution, Sovereign Debt and Collection unpaid bank instruments. Our extensive list of clients includes many leading multinational corporations, credit insurers and some of the largest accounting firms in the world. Our expertise and professionalism in dealing with slow payers who potentially become bad debts is second to none. »

In the past, putting more effort into collecting a debt in good faith would cost more time and administration and, therefore, higher costs. This is simply because no amount of late letters and reminders makes any difference to those who are willing to delay payment or have no intention of paying at all. However, First Collect International’s unique debt collection process and approach calls for simple and efficient debt collection worldwide. With extensive experience and a team of experts, the company is committed to providing its customers with a high level of service at all levels.

Speaking of FCI’s debt collection process, the spokesperson added, “There are no set procedures, as every debt or circumstance is different. We mainly use a combination of letters, faxes and telephone calls. Phone calls and personal contact are proven to be more effective in collecting debts. All international claims are handled by a local agent in the country and usually the county of the debtor. Debtors default simply because they think creditors will not be able to reach them abroad. However, finding debtors all over the world with the help of our global debt collection agency is quite easy.

To collect a debt, FCI needs information, including full name and address, telephone and fax numbers, amount and dates of unpaid invoices, and debtors’ email addresses. Copies of all relevant letters, notes of conversations, bills/statements and any other information relating to the debt history are also required. More information about First Collect International and its debt collection services can be found on the FAQ page of their website.

About First Collect International:

First Collect International, based in the UK, specializes in providing unparalleled global debt collection services. To reserve a debt collection in Germanyyou can get in touch with the FCI team on +44 (0)20 8532 9637 to discuss debt collection requirements in Germany.

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First International Collection

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South Woodford,

London E18 2TX


Tel: +44 (0)20 8532 9637

Fax: +44 (0)20 8532 9638

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Company Name: First International Collection
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