HC confirms life imprisonment for four people in gang rape case

The Madras High Court upheld the conviction and life sentence handed down by a lower court against four men for the gang rape of a Dalit woman in Namagiripet in Namakkal district.

Although there were five convicts in the case, one preferred no appeal, and as a result, the High Court only dealt with the appeals preferred by four of them.

Judges PN Prakash and RN Manjula pointed out that the victim was the mother of two daughters. She had been separated from her first husband and had married someone younger than herself. After the second marriage, she moved to Namagiripet in Namakkal district and therefore was not familiar with the local residents. Within 10 days of changing residence, she and her husband were attacked by three men, while two others later joined them who intimidated the couple as they were told they were married. In her testimony, the woman said the men called her “object” and “figure” during a phone call to two other people who later joined them to rape her.

The victim begged the convicts to leave her alone and told them that she was like their sister. Still, they broke a bottle of alcohol, put it on her husband’s neck, and threatened to kill him if she didn’t give in to their desire. After committing the crime, the accused left the couple on the road, warning them not to approach the police.

Since the victim was physically weak that night, she chose not to file a complaint until the next day.

No ulterior motive

Although counsel for the appellant accused the victim of falsely implicating convicts in the case, the judiciary said there was no document on file suggesting there was a motive behind it. the complaint.

“We see from the testimony of Prosecution Witness 1 (victim) and Prosecution Witness 7 (her husband) that she is a Dalit, married to a person and separated from him, by thereafter, she got married to PW7 who is a non Dalit and younger for her in age. It’s not a sin at all, ”observed the division bench.

The crime took place on March 15, 2015 and a Mahila court in Namakkal convicted the five defendants – Jayasurya, Ganesh Kumar, Ajeeth, Birla and Rajesh – on June 5, 2018.

The second convict, Ganesh Kumar, chose not to appeal to the High Court to challenge his conviction and the life sentence imposed on him.

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