Idaho Democrats’ Bill Aims To Save Taxpayer Money On Litigation

BOISE, Idaho (KMVT / KSVT) – The state legislature is expected to discuss about 30 bills during its 72-hour session. One of them is aimed at saving taxpayers money on litigation.

Democratic House Representative Ilana Rubel plans to introduce a bill stating that Idaho’s Attorney General is the People’s Advocate and should be the one who defends the state in litigation.

She says there is a growing and disturbing trend in the state legislature not to use the attorney general and his staff during litigation and instead use lawyers or private firms telling them what they want to hear.

Rubel says private lawyers can charge up to $ 500 an hour, while the attorney general and his staff charge the state $ 58 an hour. Boise’s rep says she is concerned that some of the bills introduced this week will be challenged in court.

“It’s pretty clear that I’ve looked at a lot of these bills, (that) a lot of these bills won’t hold up in court,” Rubel said. “They are clearly in violation of the supremacy clause of the constitution and are likely to raise many other legal issues.”

Most of the bills introduced relate to tackling vaccination mandates, including the COVID-19 vaccine requirements proposed by President Joe Biden.

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