Indian man sentenced to 2 years in prison for importing codeine

Judge JK Omotosho of the Federal High Court in Sokoto has sentenced a 35-year-old Indian man, Kypak Nuttal, to two years in prison with an option of a fine of 3 million naira for smuggling a trailer of codeine syrup into the country.

Nuttal, who resides in Tamaje area of ​​Sokoto North Local Government Area, was arrested with cartons of drugs suspected to be counterfeit substances.

Testifying in court, an officer from the National Drug Enforcement Agency’s Sokoto Command, Malam Mustapha, said the accused was arrested on February 12, 2022 with 1,647 cartons of the substance suspected to be syrup of codeine with other suspects still at large. .

The NDLEA claimed that a sample of the substance which weighed 13,403 kg had been transported to Lagos State for laboratory testing and was confirmed to be codeine.

Mustapha also said the shipment was transported in a truck from Cotonou en route to Niger Republic and was intercepted at Sokoto.

In his judgment, Judge JKOmotosho recommended that the federal government destroy the seized syrup while items belonging to the defendant in the custody of the NDLEA should be returned to it.

As a result, Judge Omotosho announced a two-year sentence with an option for a fine of N3 million to be paid by the defendant within 48 hours into the Federal Government’s account.

In addition, failure on the part of the defendant to pay the fine within the time specified by the court may justify the confiscation of 10 million naira deposited before the end of the trial.

In the meantime, the defendant’s travel passport and business documents have been seized by the court pending final payment of the fine.

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