InfraCo will be an excellent dividend payer, BTG predicts


The evolution of payments is due to improved discounted cash flow and enterprise value (EV) estimated at R $ 35 billion (Photo: REUTERS / Paulo Whitaker)

InfraCo tends to pay around 10 billion reais in earnings Between 2027 and 2030, analysts estimate Real BTG In a report sent to clients and received Money time This Thursday (29).

“We estimate that in 2025, InfraCo will pay 851 million reais in dividends and 2 billion reais more in 2026”, comments the bank. The evolution of payments is due to improved discounted cash flow and the estimated value of the company at R $ 35 billion.

BTG also did a public analysis About the strategic plan of Hey (OIBR3; OIBR4) for the year 2024. According to analysts, the figures released by the company are in line with the estimates put forward by the report, except for the greater consumption of cash in 2021 and certain commitments which will not increase the leverage.

The financial institution explains that “once the asset sales and debt repayments are completed, Oi will have net debt of R $ 6.5 billion more than we initially expected, mainly due to higher than expected cash consumption in 2021 “.

In addition, experts estimate that the company’s net debt is expected to peak at R $ 11.4 billion in 2024 and then tend to decline.

Finally, BTG said it expects an 87% increase in Oi’s stake.


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