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Hubballi: After a successful kidney transplant – the first ever at Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS, Hubblli) – both recipient and donor are ready to go out. KIMS received a nod from the government for performing a kidney transplant last month.
A 44-year-old woman from Bilagi of Bagalkot district donated one of her kidneys to save her 22-year-old son. “Both are stable and healthy now,” said KIMS Director Dr. Ramalingappa Antartani and Dr. Venkatesh Moger, HoD, Nephrology, KIMS.
Sharing their success with the media here on Friday, they said the son had chronic glomerulonephritis and had been on dialysis for eight months. “When his mother came forward to donate one of her kidneys, we followed legal procedures and carried out tests before the transplant. It was a two-hour operation for the donor and a three-hour for the recipient. We did it for free because the patient is a GLP card holder. In five days the donor recovered and the patient recovered in a week. They are now about to be discharged,” they said.
They pointed out that kidney transplant costs almost Rs 6-8 lakh in private hospitals. In KIMS, this is done free of charge for BPL cardholders. For APL card holders, it costs Rs 2 lakh, of which 25% is borne by the government.
About 2-3% of the population of Dharwad district and 4-5% of other districts in North Karnataka suffer from kidney disease due to various factors, mainly high blood pressure and diabetes. “This success has boosted our confidence to perform more transplants. With twin OTs in place, we can perform at least two transplants per month,” they said.
More than 1,000 people, including 200 chronic patients, are on dialysis at KIMS. “After evaluating a patient’s condition, we suggest a kidney transplant. After a living kidney transplant, we are now planning a cadaver transplant,” they said.
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