Landlords Consider Legal Options as Niagara Falls Extends Moratorium on Short-Term Rentals | Local News


The moratorium was imposed on June 1 to give the council time to pass a revised ordinance regulating short-term rentals. However, there has still been no action on this.

The measure would ban new short-term rentals outside the city’s downtown core, require landlords to pay the same “resort taxes” on their rents as hotels and motels, and impose a variety of rules on the city. maintenance of units and the conduct of their customers.

City councilors said it was triggered by complaints from residents about noise and disruption from visitors.

Schultz-Reitz said she did not know how many people were prevented from opening a tourist rental by the moratorium, but she believes the number is substantial.

The moratorium “prevents people from legally exploiting their properties under the law that was passed three years ago,” she said.

The rent law must first go to the Niagara County Planning Council and then to the city’s Planning Council before the council can vote on it, Tompkins said.

In the meantime, the moratorium now runs until March 14.

Last year, the city imposed a moratorium on short-term rentals, but it expired in September 2020 without action on the bill.

The city planning council defeated him and the council’s attempt to bypass the council failed.


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