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Recent short-term rental legislation that the Lake George area is considering is of great concern to landlords. Landowners in the area have operated as small business owners for decades. I can only imagine how many landlords depend on income from property rentals.

What exactly defines a short-term rental? A quick look at local short term rental websites would indicate that this has been a cottage industry for decades. What differentiates a short-term real estate tenant from a long-term real estate tenant, and does someone tend to be disruptive if they use a property for a shorter term?

The comments about how short term rentals are hurting local businesses are wrong. As someone who has recently purchased a home in the area, I can assure you that the seller, inspector, bank, handyman, trash company, local home improvement store, the cleaning company, the landscapers have all received and will continue to receive business that drives the local economy. As someone who recently watched Lake George have one of its busiest winters in years, I wonder, “Why do we want to waste a good thing?”

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The local economy seems to be better than it has ever been and hotel occupancy rates have even been on the rise since the start of the year in Warren County. Why? Because visitors are finally finding comfortable, low-cost accommodation that attracts them to the region.

Why haven’t cities and towns across the region considered monetizing the short-term rental and sharing economy movement by taxing it to provide revenue to local municipalities to fund realistic protections that can be put in place for residents and visitors? Before local politicians make decisions based on unsubstantiated complaints from neighbors published in this newspaper, they should consider the economic downturn that will occur.

Craig Cortelyou, Fort Ann

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