Letter to the editor: Short-term rentals are business ventures, not neighbors, and deserve careful consideration

Some compelling reporting in recent Summit Daily News back-to-back articles on short-term rentals. Fifteen mountain commissioners: AirBnB chooses facts to shape a story that is not true, especially on the negative impacts. Breckenridge: Exempt short-term rentals handle the problems without using city resources. Frisco: Few resident reports of short-term rental complaints.

My takeaway? The data is used to create any story you want. In my neighborhood, almost all moves from owner occupied/long term rentals have gone to short term rentals. And, I was told that I had to file complaints for any issues. Nobody asked me to become a code enforcer for neighboring short term rentals. And, who wants to be “that guy” anyway? The golden snitch from the playground runs towards the teacher. When did quiet enjoyment of my home come to include a requirement I complain about?

There’s a lot to complain about short-term rentals in single-family residential neighborhoods: rage of street-facing party bins, loud parties, second-hand weeds, speeding, micro-trash, noxious weeds, parking on the street, overcrowded homes, increased traffic from service personnel and repairs, dust, unprepared vehicles blocking roads, 24/7 lighting, outdoor fires, non-essential overuse of utilities, attraction of wildlife, trespassing, no expense for landscaping or wildfire mitigation, animal waste, public urine. Are all these violations of the law? No. But each is a violation of courtesy between neighbors. Does all of this happen over and over again in every short-term rental? No. But I could complain any day about one of them.

With neighbors, you show up with a bottle of wine or homemade cookies and talk about it. You don’t complain to the government. Homes like short term rentals are not neighbors. It’s business ventures in single-family residential areas and residents as plaintiffs is a strategy meant to marginalize residents.

Welcome to more Summit slums for the one percenters.

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