Liberia: 15th Judicial Circuit Court opens for November term in Rivergee

Maryland County – Fish Town, River County – The 15th Judicial Circuit Court of River Gee County opened for the November term, with judges instructed to conduct themselves in accordance with the business of the courts.

The opening ceremony brought together several residents, local authorities and lawyers from the Ministry of Justice on Monday, November 14, 2022.

Resident Judge George W. Smith, who spoke at the grand opening, urged judges across the county to conduct themselves in accordance with the business of courts across the country.

He said judges should maintain a high degree of honesty, fairness, neutrality and courage to enable them to deliver judgments in cases that will promote peace, unity and stability, as well as development. national.

Justice Smith stressed that the courts must play an important role in maintaining peace and unity among citizens.

He revealed that despite encouraging other professional colleagues in the Ministry of Justice, the deduction from the salaries of judicial employees absolutely undermines the independence of the judiciary in the country.

He called on legal actors across the country to remain committed to their respective areas of assignment as the judiciary fights legally to restore their legitimate rights.

Justice Smith also pointed out that the judiciary is a bare rock for any good nation in terms of fairness and equal justice.

He urged jurors to listen carefully to both parties in any case that will be presented in order to reach a fair verdict without compromise.

At the same time, he thanked the staff of the 15th Judicial Circuit Court for their magnificent performance during the August term and urged them to continue discharging their respective duties and responsibilities during the November term. 2022.

For her part, the Clerk of the 15th Judicial Circuit Court, Ms. Sandra O. Dwehswen, said the court opened with 20 cases, including 11 criminal cases and nine civil cases.

Ms. Dwehswen urged residents who have court cases to come forward to watch the trial unfold.

Solo B. Teah, Jr., Secretary of the River Gee Trial Judges, expressed words of gratitude to his fellow judicial actors for their dedicated service to the county and the country as a whole.

Magistrate Teah noted that judicial compensation must be guaranteed by law to ensure a fair trial in court.

He urged his colleagues to carefully observe the deduction of judicial workers’ salaries, whether constitutional or political.

Mr Teah said they were awaiting an explanation for the deduction from their salaries, that they should remain focused on legal matters as they are called to duty.

Meanwhile, Mr. Abu Diallo, President of the Civil Society Organization of Rivergee, thanked the justice workers for their continued support for peace and stability in the country.

Mr. Diallo noted that in the absence of the judiciary, peace and unity will not exist among the Liberian people.

He also called on legal actors to immediately investigate Burkinabés who travel to Liberia for agricultural activities.

Speaking on behalf of the County Attorney, Mr. Joseph Jallah, expressed his gratitude for the continued sacrifices made to the justice system.

He commended them for their dedicated service despite constraints characterized by payroll deductions, but warned them to channel their concerns through legal means rather than going slow.

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