Local hairdresser says Crown Act is long overdue | New

ROCKFORD (WREX) – The local hairdresser hopes the Corona Act will bring future changes.

On June 30, Illinois Governor Pritzker signed the Crown Act. Crown is an acronym for creating a respectful and open workplace for natural hair.

The purpose of the bill is to protect black and brown people from discrimination or even denial of employment for wearing the natural hairstyle of their choice.

Hairdresser and Loctician Latia Turner says the corona law is long overdue and she and salon clients have had to comply in the past to ensure job security.

“We come up with a plan of what works and what doesn’t, a timeline of when to get their interview and when not to get it. their Maintenance because some jobs are not okay with loose roots, they want them to be tamed all the time, which might not be healthy for the Locs.”

I’ve seen the stress it takes on clients the emotional toll it takes for them to have to compromise who they really are or who they really feel and how they want to express themselves and maybe the ability to pay their bills and keep their jobs and stuff like that.” Turner said.

The Rockford University Career Development Program agrees that the Crown Act has been needed for some time.

“I am happy that people of color feel protected by this law and have a law in place to represent the ability to be authentic with your expressions” said Director of Career Development at Chelsea Minor Rockford University.

The Crown Act will officially enter in force in January 2023.

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