Mailbag: duration limits would reduce influence | Letters

After embarrassing themselves in letting Texas’s blatantly unconstitutional abortion ban slip, and before hearing several controversial cases, many Supreme Court justices have called for microphones in an attempt to restore public confidence.

The most infuriating of these was Amy Coney Barrett, who tried to convince the University of Louisville public that she (and the other judges) were not political hackers. What made his attempt so worthy of spitting is that his existence on the pitch is entirely due to an obscene violation of partisan rules.

Confidence in the court will be difficult to restore, however, especially by judges appointed on unique issues or among those whose decisions can be predicted long before the first legal arguments are heard. We are unlikely to have a balanced tribunal again, at least one that lasts longer than an electoral cycle, unless we do something to restore this institution before it loses its relevance.

Term limits of 15 to 18 years, rather than life appointments, would go a long way in reducing political influence and preventing the disproportionate influence of a single president, regardless of his party.

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