Meghalaya HC orders state government and NHAI to ensure long-term repair works on Shillong-Jowai road

The Meghalaya High Court recently ordered the state government and the National Highways Authority of India to ensure that the long-term repair works on the Shillong-Jowai road are planned as quickly as possible to ensure freedom traffic along the road.

The division bench of Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Judge W. Diengdoh heard a PIL filed by a certain Kerlang Ksoo, complaining of the deplorable condition of the Shillong-Jowai road. According to the petitioner, although it is a national road and part of the NH-6, the responsibility for maintaining the road lies with the state.

On Wednesday, it was submitted on behalf of the State that despite the fact that sufficient funds have not been made available for this purpose by the Union, the State has continued with repair work on the Shillong Road- Jowai, which is part of the NH-6. , to ensure that the flow of traffic along the vital route is not interrupted.

This is the additional submission on behalf of the State that a substantial portion of the work is complete and the remainder of the repair work will be completed by December 20, 2021.

However, it is claimed on behalf of the petitioner that a certain patchwork has been undertaken by the state which may not be sufficient or may not last too long.

While considering the arguments, the House called on the State and the NHAI to ensure that long-term repair work, apart from the patchwork currently being undertaken, is planned as quickly as possible to ensure the free movement of the product. traffic along the road.

The judiciary further ordered the state to file a report, with photographs, at the next court date.

“The state and the NHAI should indicate the long-term plan to improve the condition of the Shillong – Jowai road when the issue arises next. List February 4, 2022 ”, indicates the order.

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