Mid-year review: articles on the most read payers

How payers link community and value-based care to strengthen outcomes and equity

“Many CBOs lack sustainability. It is up to the payers – or the holders of the financial risk and results for the individual – to create the infrastructure and processes to add CBOs to their VBC models and make them pay for their services,” says a health technology executive.

Anthem’s Chris Day shares the keys to Plan’s value-based strategy

“Supporting vendors rather than just giving them data is how value-based design has evolved,” says Anthem’s Chris Day.

The Aetna partnership decreases the social determinant of members: loneliness

Medicare Advantage plans work with companion companies to meet non-medical needs and collect data that increases member confidence and earnings.

Integra ACO Launches Home Care Programs Using Advanced Remote Monitoring Technology

“We don’t want to wait for symptoms. We can be proactive, before a full exacerbation of a chronic disease occurs,” says an ACO executive.

Humana Prior Authorization Platform ROI Drives Nationwide Expansion in Less Than a Year

“This is a reimagined PA process, where expedited approval becomes the norm,” says a Humana executive.

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