MP’s first Ramsar site – 41 drains discharge untreated sewage and polluted water into Lake Superior, 227 encroachments continue to exist

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): “Bhopal city is proud to be a city of lakes, but the fact is that more than 41 nullhas, passages and units discharge untreated chemical sewage or polluted water into the lake, which is the largest city ​​water source. Encroachment, illegal construction of residential and commercial establishments is another problem in addition to littering and/or dumping near the open space of the lake.

This was the observation of the National Green Tribunal in February this year on a petition filed to protect Bhopal’s water bodies, including Lake Superior.

It is the status of Upper Lake Bhopal which is declared the state’s first Ramsar site.

On Tuesday, Shivpuri’s Sakhya Sagar Lake found its place among five new Ramsar sites selected across the state. This happens to be the second such site in Madhya Pradesh.

The court said: “Finally, on 16.02.2022, the case was considered further. It was noted that 41 drains were discharging untreated sewage/effluent into the lake. 227 encroachments still existed, which had to be removed.

The court noted with concern that despite repeated instructions issued by the Supreme Court and the Tribunal, there had been a flagrant violation of the laws of the land. “Polluted water in the form of sewage, hospital and domestic effluent as well as solid waste continued to be discharged/discharged into the water body/lake. Violation of the law is not only due to private individuals but also due to the inability of statutory bodies, including local bodies and regulatory authorities, to take adequate measures. There is a complete lack of affirmative action or accountability which weakens the rule of law as large scale violations go unaddressed despite repeated and multiple court orders.

The court said: “We find the situation extremely unsatisfactory. It seems that state authorities are totally neglecting the constitutional obligation, to the detriment of the environment and public health. The dumping of biomedical and other wastes and the dumping of untreated sewage into bodies of water is a great danger to public health and a crime under the law of the land…. 2017..”

When contacted, the public relations officer of the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) said that there are 9 functioning sewage treatment plants (STPs) in the city. There was virtually no sewage discharge into Lake Superior. The BMC was working on a plan to pipe Rs 425 crore sewage through the city.

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