New anti-racism campaign urges all Australians to reflect and act against hate

Keyarny Lamb has experienced racism for much of her life.
This leaves the female Kamilaroi and Yorta Yorta feeling “alienated” and “pissed off” about the image she projects to the wider community.

“It’s so heavy to bear,” she told SBS News.


“I feel like I really have to be careful of who I am, the way I speak, my body language, everything.”
The 27-year-old model and mother of three hopes a new national anti-racism campaign will help change that.
Launched by the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) on Tuesday, it encourages people with no lived experience of racism to reflect on its causes and impacts, and to take action to address it.
“Much of the community would not understand the challenges we face and how we need to address those challenges,” Ms Lamb said.
“It definitely affects your mental health.

“Unless we have these conversations…we’re not going anywhere.

Former Socceroo Craig Foster beside text reading:

Former Socceroo Craig Foster is among those featured in the Australian Human Rights Commission’s new anti-racism campaign. Source: Provided / Australian Human Rights Commission

Racism. The It Stops With Me campaign features several ambassadors – including Ms Lamb, former Socceroo Craig Foster and cross-cultural consultant Tasneem Chopra – in a community service announcement, where they are asked about their experiences of discrimination and abuse. inequality.

Race Discrimination Commissioner Chin Tan said the campaign, which is part of a wider anti-racism strategy being implemented by the AHRC, is “long overdue“.
“Racism is a long-standing issue in Australia,” he said.
“It robs people of the opportunity to access justice and equality, whether we are in employment, health or the justice system.

“By uniting against racism, we can then build a more just, equitable, equal and safe society for all of us.”


The campaign is a response to recent events that have stood in the way of racial equality in Australia, in particular “persistent anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, the rise of anti-Asian hatred during the pandemic and the rise of extremism extreme right”. “said Mr. Tan.
A new racism. The Stop Me With Me website was also launched, offering educational resources on structural and interpersonal racism, as well as a tool to help organizations assess and improve their inclusion, diversity and anti-racism practices. against racism.

“If racism is about well-being, and if by being racist we compromise each other’s well-being, then we have to stop it,” Ms Chopra said.


But that will only happen if “a truly conscious effort” is made to challenge racist individuals and systems, she said.
“It’s about questioning structures, holding those who commit racism to account or holding them to account, and holding them to a standard that they would hold their peers to if it were an integrity issue in another way,” Ms. Chopra said. .

“If this campaign helps to ensure that those who may not be aware of the racism they are committing, or if they see it, know how to respond, but even more so if they understand the impacts of what it looks like , and therefore changes in behavior, so that’s a good thing.”

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