Notice served on FACT for milky white discharge

The Pollution Control Board unit in Eloor issued a notice to the public sector FACT Udyogmandal ammonia plant on Wednesday regarding the milky white discharge from the company’s premises through the storm water drain to the Periyar in Edamula.

Inspections by PCB officials revealed that the cooling water pipe, which had caused a leak, was being repaired when water spilled over the scene and formed a slurry with rich soil. lime, which was evacuated by the storm water drain. Even though it cannot be classified as a plant effluent, the milky white water, which is very cloudy, should not be discharged from the stormwater drain, an official said.

The water could have been collected in a reservoir and discharged after sedimentation. Instructions were issued to stop the spill immediately. Regulatory samples from the plant have been collected, the official added.

Meanwhile, activist Shabeer from Jagratha said The Hindu that it was deplorable that a public sector company engaged in such acts when it should be setting an example by taking measures to protect the environment.

According to FACT management, the discharged water comes from the trench dug to repair the leak on the water line near the ammonia plant. Excavation to locate the leak in the 1.5-meter-deep pipeline began at 7 a.m. on Wednesday. Water from the pit had to be pumped out to repair the leak. FACT has also taken legal samples with PCBs, and results are awaited.

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