OneRecord launches insurance module with Humana as first supported payer

At 1st of July, OneRecord launched its insurance module on its iOS, Android and web apps with Humana as the first supported payers. Founded in 1961, Humana Inc. is the third largest health insurer in the country. An organization whose goal is to help millions of medical and specialist members achieve their best health. Their dedication to their members goes further with their delivery of a developer API that allows members to have their own data.

OneRecord helps payers meet CMS Patient Interoperability and Access Final Rule (CMS-9115-F) where consumers can have a 360° View their health data, including discrete clinical data, clinical documents, claims information, insurance coverage, insurance payment information, and healthcare team information in one place.

The first and only cross-device platform that enables consumers to access, aggregate and share health data on any device, OneRecord represents true interoperability that goes beyond Apple Health and Google. Health with apps on iOS, Android and the web. A consumer can now access all of their data on any device, giving them real freedom from any operating system and the ability to choose any device to get their data.

OneRecord chose to go with Humana because Humana went beyond the federal mandate to allow all of its members in all lines of business, including business plans, to access their data through an API based on standards.

This announcement is part of the culmination of the CMS Patient Access Rule that went into effect in the past July 1, 2021. The CMS Patient Access Rule ensures that an additional 85 million patients have access to their health information in a standardized digital format, in addition to the nearly 40 million Medicare beneficiaries who already have access to their data through Blue Button 2.0. The underlying principles of the law were first mentioned about 10 years ago and are finally in force. For the first time, consumers can expect their health information to be readily available to them. And platforms like OneRecord are leading the charge in providing this data.

“Now OneRecord supports medical data AND claims data, all in one place,” announces Jennifer blumenthal, CEO and co-founder of OneRecord. “This provides a more complete picture of health information than ever. Think of it like TV going from standard definition to high definition – there are so many more details and ways to make your healthcare work for you. “

OneRecord is accessible on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Find OneRecord on App Store, the Apple App Store (supporting iPhones running iOS 12.4+) and Google Play (for devices running Android 9+) or on the web at with the latest versions of Chrome , Firefox, Edge or Safari.

SOURCE OneRecord

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