Pay Roundup – Uninsured Drop Rates, Rising Hospital Bills Amid Medicaid Colorado Expansion

Medicaid expansion in Colorado: drop in uninsured rate and rise in hospital bills

Since Colorado embraced the Medicaid expansion in 2014, St. Mary’s Medical Center has seen some statistics improve, with the number of uninsured patients falling by more than half, allowing the hospital save about $ 3 million per year.

However, hospital prices and overall health care bills have not gone down. A new state report shows that while hospitals are better off financially since the expansion, the increased costs have shifted to private health plans. In fact, St. Mary’s profit margin was over 14% from 2015 to 2017, nearly double the hospital’s margin before the expansion.

For example, the average cost of discharging a privately insured patient in 2009 was $ 6,800 and in 2017 increased to $ 11,000. (Kaiser’s Health News)

Georgia Legislature Passes Two Bills Affecting Medicaid

Georgia House passed a bill that would allow Governor Brian Kemp to seek health care waivers from the federal government to expand and improve coverage. At the same time, the State Senate passed a bill to amend the Georgian system of certificate of need regulating suppliers.

The legislation has two parts: one waiver would add people to Medicaid lists and the other would allow Georgia to revise the state’s health insurance exchange setup.

The cost and coverage of Medicaid exemption plans have had the legislature divided among parties. Democrats argued that Senate Bill 106 was not as good for the state as the full Medicaid expansion, while Republicans argued Georgia would gain flexibility to change the Medicaid program. (Georgia Health News)

Humana Employees Achieve Insurer’s ‘Bold Goal’ of 20% More Healthy Days

Humana employees are leading by example in the insurers’ Bold Goal program, which aims to improve the health of the communities it serves by 20% by 2020.

Staff members saw 20% more “healthy days” in 2018 compared to 2012, based on a population health tool developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that measures physical and mental health .

In response to reaching the goal, Humana set a new one for 2022, seeking an additional 500,000 healthy days over the next three years.

“We’ve helped and inspired each other, and along the way we’ve learned how to better help our members improve their mental and physical quality of life,” Tim State, senior vice president of health and wellness – to be associates at Humana, said in the announcement. “It’s a reason to celebrate and to keep striving.” (Announcement)

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