Primary care visits within 7 days of discharge related to fewer readmissions

Patients who see a primary care physician within a week of discharge from hospital have lower readmission rates, according to a study published in JAMA network open.

For the study, researchers analyzed discharge and readmission data from 1,531 adult Medicaid patients hospitalized between January 1, 2014 and April 30, 2016, in Camden, NJ. claims data from four health systems, as well as patient lists from insurers who frequent primary care practices in Camden.

Of the study participants, 450 participated in the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers’ 7-Day Pledge program, which helps patients access primary care services within seven days of discharge.

Researchers found that patients who attended a follow-up appointment with this program had readmission rates of less than 30 and 90 days compared to patients who waited longer for a follow-up appointment. or didn’t go at all.

“Our care team has always seen the difference it makes when patients visit their primary care providers soon after discharge, and we now have strong evidence that this approach reduces hospital utilization,” said Kathleen Noonan, CEO of the Camden Coalition, in a press release sent to Becker’s.

To learn more about the 7-Day Pledge program, click here.

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