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Bronx: David Robinson of reported last month, “Health insurance providers are looking for an average rate increase of 18.7% next year for individuals and 16.5% for small plans. groups, according to state records.” The nerve of this request is breathtaking! Health insurers have made record profits throughout the pandemic!

Claiming that inflation is the root of their need to raise their premiums, they gleefully petition the state Department of Financial Services for an increase of more than double the rate of inflation. It’s time to spend our dollars more efficiently and stop supporting the profits of a byzantine number of businesses, schemes and networks. According to the January 2020 Annals of Internal Medicine, the United States would save $628 billion if administrative costs here were as low as they are in Canada with a single-payer system. Twenty percent of every premium dollar goes to administration, not health care!

The New York Health Act would provide comprehensive care to every New York resident and save billions in administrative waste. The plan would cover vital reproductive health care. A plan for everyone would provide health care more equitably and be paid more equitably through progressive income tax. Currently, more than 50% of New Yorkers are underinsured because they simply cannot afford the premiums for a comprehensive plan. It is high time to take action. Keep that in mind in November. Support candidates who support the bill. Helene Krim

Yonkers: Regarding the July 14 op-ed by Kyle Bragg and Henry Garrido, “New York City Hospital Costs Are Out of Control”: Insurance companies, not hospitals, are to blame. It’s up to insurance companies to negotiate. In addition, hospitals and physicians have the right to refuse to accept any or all insurances. Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York, and MD Anderson Center, Dallas, the two leading cancer hospitals in the US, each accept only one Medicare Advantage plan, while the Cleveland Clinic, the leading heart center in the US United, does not accept any. Any hospital can refuse to accept any plan. You might then have the hospitals you cite as being out of the network. A better solution would be for all New York City and State unions to support the New York Health Act, i.e. a single-payer system, at least until we can achieve at the federal level. Thomas Schechter

Manhattan: I’m in Midtown every day. Every half block there is a COVID testing site. Some are big, some are small. Everyone has a big van next to the tent set up on the sidewalk. One thing is missing: people. No one stops to get tested. You have to wonder why we have all these sites. You have to wonder who pays for all these employees, vans, etc. We have to wonder about the data they collect; is it true or is it inflated? It’s almost like someone wants us all to have COVID. I smell a political rat. What could politicians do so far? What is their program? Maureen McNamee

Cincinnati: I just deleted my Uber app before using it. Despite the sexual assaults and with their anti-worker activity and many other shady dealings, they succeeded. There are better alternatives. Mark Jesse

Riverhead, LI: With the death of another suspected criminal who was imprisoned at Rikers Island and overdosed on drugs there, a lawsuit will be filed putting the blame entirely on the shoulders of the mayor and the New York City. Of course, we all know that anyone incarcerated at Rikers Island is innocent of all charges and should sue and collect millions of dollars for false imprisonment – while possibly getting drugs while incarcerated. Thomas W. Smith

Brooklyn: To Voicer and Police Officer Colin Austin: You said you shouldn’t have to pay a stupid parking meter in New York because you risk your life every day to keep people safe. And the firefighters? Do they also get a pass? And EMT workers – what about them? No one is above the law. Period. Pierre Magnotta

Bellerose: Smallholders have Bronx Congressman Jeffrey Dinowitz to thank for co-sponsoring the ERAP program, which expanded tenants’ rights to live rent-free while landlords pay their bills. If you want to evict a deadbeat tenant to recover years of non-payment of rent, you cannot evict them for 12 months. Since when in this country did this happen? The owners must be compensated for their losses, without any conditions. They have to pay for water, gas, property taxes, etc. and watch tenants buy new cars, TVs, and more. at their expense. Once you have a deadbeat tenant, you don’t want to see their face for another 12 months. Expulsion is only fair. It is a travesty of justice. Catherine Lucas

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Yonkers: Religion has always been a stumbling block to communism. The democrats are now socialists (communists) like in the USSR. It doesn’t work in any country in the world and it won’t work in our America. Let’s keep the Constitution that so many have fought and died for. For the many people who think this way and express these ideas, there are many others who think the same way and are silent. Let your votes speak for you! As for Donald Trump, who has done so much for America, the only reason Democrats want him arrested is so he can no longer run for office. It’s because they’re afraid of him! He loves America and will make it even more beautiful in 2024! Phyllis E. Tropea

Old Bridge, NJ: It’s hard to believe you thought of “Death of Ivana Trump” front-page news at all levels. Janet Cecin

Coram, LI: These new gun reform laws are a big joke and are of no use unless semi-automatic weapons are banned. Better yet, banish bullets. What do Congress and our Governor expect Jurassic Park to unleash? Helen Purdes

Oakdale, LI: Mr. Speaker, this is/was the land of the free and the home of the brave, with inalienable rights. In education, teach reading, writing, arithmetic, tolerance, empathy and compassion in general. Eileen Sullivan

Manhattan: Brittany Griner reportedly wrote to President Biden that she was terrified of being forgotten as her trial in a Russian criminal case unfolded. She reveals she voted for Biden but does not specify whether she ever used cannabis or possessed the cannabis oil found in her luggage. It is unclear, in this context, how she is perceived to be wrongfully detained. The idea that America should trade a legally convicted Russian criminal like arms dealer Victor Bout for Mrs. Griner elevates his possibly reckless behavior. Ms. Griner may be a pawn in a larger (and more cynical) enterprise, but it’s unclear whether she thought appropriately about the risk she was running or its consequences for the United States. Roger B. Adler

Brooklyn: Hockey has a big problem trying to compete with basketball, baseball and football on TV. The problem is very simple: in these sports, you can see and follow the trajectory of the ball. In hockey, you can neither see nor follow the black puck. All you see are hockey players in padded uniforms swinging their sticks here, here and there, trying to hit the puck that the audience can’t see. This is not the case in the aforementioned sports. The solution is to change the color of the puck from black to orange. When highlights are shown on sports broadcasts, place a marker on the flight of the puck like golf does on its tee shots. Give the black pucks to road repair crews in New York and they can melt them down and use them to fill potholes. Donald Cunningham

Monroe, NJ: Somebody please tell Aaron Boone of the Yankees to stop blowing bubbles. I close my eyes when he does and find it disgusting. PS: I love the Yankees. Dolores Csatlos

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