Roundup: UK Rehab Center Offers Robotic Equipment to Patients, New Electronic Discharge Summaries Save NHS Costs, More Briefs


Rehabilitation center in UK offers robotics equipment to patients

A UK based care and rehabilitation center is now able to provide robotics expertise as part of its overall rehabilitation offering.

Askham Village Community, based in Cambridgeshire, England, is now consolidating all of its rehabilitation services with the launch of Askham Rehab, a specialist global rehabilitation service integrating robotics and sensor-assisted technology.

The center will join a select group of European healthcare providers to offer the service.

The technology will help in the treatment of a range of ailments, including spinal injuries, brain injuries and various traumas, as well as strokes and other neurological conditions.

Priscilla Masvipurwa, Head of Rehabilitation and Nursing Services at Askham, said: “This will be a game-changer in our approach to rehabilitation. Robotics help bridge the gap, increasing the frequency and repetitiveness of treatments, which is an essential part of the process. We anticipate that this will allow us to help our patients achieve their goals more effectively and sustainably. “

New electronic discharge summaries to save NHS time and administrative costs

Following a successful trial by NHS Digital, TPP and Dorset County Hospital in collaboration with independent systems integrators, hospitals across England will soon be able to send clinical patient discharge summaries and information on outpatient attendance electronically to general practitioner systems.

During the trial, Dorset County Hospital was able to send 4,000 structured FHIR messages to four volunteer GP practices at the local level, including outpatient letters, emergency care summaries and discharge of hospitalized patients.

The system allows GPs to save time in processing and clarifying the information they receive, so that changes can be tracked and necessary actions taken.

It will also notify hospitals when messages have been delivered and have been processed. General practitioners and hospitals benefit from reduced paper consumption, postage costs and the time it takes to re-enter information into their IT system.

Exploration of investments in health technologies in Dubai and India

The impact of the current economic atmosphere on the FinTech and healthcare investment ecosystem in India and Dubai was discussed during a webinar hosted by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry this week.

The chief representative of the Dubai Chamber International Office in Mumbai, Sameer Nawani, explained that digitization and the growth of technology are driving major changes in healthcare systems.

The UAE accounts for 60% of startup funding in the Middle East and North Africa region in the first half of 2020. India was among the top three startup hubs despite a drop in startup funding.

The panel concluded that new technologies allow startups to be agile in designing progressive solutions to meet the changing needs of the healthcare technology industry. Panelists agreed that the funding accelerates the growth of these startups as well as the rate at which technology is advancing.

BioSure and Vital Signs Solutions announce strategy to put Britain back to work

BioSure and Vital Signs Solutions have launched a digital COVID-19 testing solution to employers that provide comprehensive on-site testing, education and reporting, ensuring COVID workplace safety measures are followed and employers are able to prove their compliance with current directives.

The solution in the workplace is to test with a finger prick blood sample and get your result while you wait.

BioSure has partnered with Vital Signs Solutions, owners of the digital PocDoc platform to create the BioSure app powered by PocDoc.

BioSure and Vital Signs Solutions have already started working with companies in key ‘getting Britain to work’ sectors, including gyms, restaurants and coworking spaces.

The solution offers tests that detect 3 different types of antibodies against COVID-19, so they can identify individuals who currently have COVID-19 as well as those who have previously had the virus.

Trialbee Partners with Clinerion to Accelerate Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

Swedish provider of technology for patient participation in clinical trials, Trialbee, has announced a partnership with Swiss provider of medical data computing, Clinerion.

The partnership will accelerate time to market by shortening patient enrollment and enrollment times and reduce costs associated with patient enrollment and loss of follow-up.

The combination of Clinerion’s expertise in leveraging Electronic Health Record (EHR) data for clinical research, combined with Trialbee’s multi-step qualification process, will enhance and streamline this process.

Lollo Eriksson, CEO of Trialbee, said: “This partnership dramatically expands our global reach and allows us to expand our dataset for predictable intelligence-based patient recruitment and retention to support traditional and decentralized trials. .

“This is a great opportunity for both organizations to simplify trials for researchers and to deliver on our commitment to accelerate clinical research by optimizing the use of real-world data. “

Wellness Provider Hero Joins Advanced Wellbeing Research Center Initiative

Hero of a UK based healthcare technology company, joined the Accelerator Program at the Advanced Wellbeing Research Center (AWRC), at the University of Sheffield Hallam.

The Manchester-based health technology company was accepted into the program due to its award-winning Navigator technology for preventive health.

The AWRC is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people through innovations that help people move.

The partnership will allow hero to work with AWRC academic teams to add clinical validation to preventive health and lifestyle habits and provide support for mental, physical and social health.


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