Same-day robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: a nationwide annual review

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Eur Urol Open Sci. Dec 23, 2021; 36: 23-25. doi: 10.1016 / j.euros.2021.12.002. eCollection 2022 Feb.


There are no country-wide data regarding the use of same-day discharge surgery (SDD) for robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP). Our objective was to assess the annual number of SDD RARP procedures in France and to compare the postoperative results in SDD centers compared to non-SDD centers. The data of all 9,651 patients benefiting from a RARP in France in 2020 were extracted from the central database of the national health system. Outcomes were length of hospital stay, patient age, central volume, lymph node dissection, and hospital readmission rate. A total of 184 cases of SDD (1.9%) were reported in 14.2% of RARP centers. The number of annual RARP and SDD RARP cases ranged from 41 to 485 and one to 47, respectively, in SDD centers. SDD was significantly associated with higher volume centers (p p = 0.141) was observed for SDD centers compared to non-SDD centers. The direct costs of stay were estimated at € 1,457 in SDD centers against € 2,021 in non-SDD centers. The main limitation is the lack of detailed patient characteristics and reasons for readmission. This annual national analysis suggests that SDD RARP remains rarely used in routine practice in France despite being associated with comparable short-term results after RARP and potential cost benefits.

PATIENT SUMMARY: We evaluated the use of same-day robotic-assisted prostate ablation (RARP) with hospital discharge in France for men with prostate cancer. In 2020, only 1.9% of 9,651 RARP procedures involved same-day discharge, even though data shows this approach has lower costs and comparable safety.

PMID:35005649 | PMC:PMC8715288 | DO I:10.1016 / d.euros.2021.12.002

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