Sebastián Villa appeared on Instagram after the complaint with a particular discharge

Sebastián Villa was denounced for gender-based violence, sexual abuse and attempted murder. The woman who brought the accusation formally appeared before the police on Friday and it should be remembered that the Boca player already has a court file because his ex-partner denounced him in 2020.

The club where the Colombian striker plays has issued a brief statement in which it does not specify whether it will remove him from the team and everything seems to indicate that he will even start this Saturday against Racing in the first Cup semi-final. of the League.

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Villa, meanwhile, appeared shortly before Boca’s post and uploaded an Instagram story with a snippet of the Daddy Yankee song. “Everybody Loves Raymond”.

The song Villa used to reappear after the complaint

I am a public figure, I am exposed to criticism

good people, humble people,

stupid people humble people

Parasites who enjoy hurting others,

People who give you constructive criticism,

Villains who don’t deserve to be alive

Dirty people, people who fight 100

people who don’t like me

The complaint against Sebastián Villa

The plaintiff, whose first name is R. commented in his statement that he met Sebastián Villa in early 2020and that from then on they began to see each other regularly, “sharing different situations, lunches, dinners”.

R. pointed out that on the day of the attack, “a little over a year would have passed if we had met”. He said that the relationship with the Boca player “has twists and turns like any other, especially given Mr. Villa’s career as a footballer at Club Atlético Boca Juniors and his environment”.

The event would have happened on June 26, 2021 in the same house as Villa.

What does the lawyer who represents the young woman who denounced Sebastián Villa say?

The lawyer representing the young woman assured that the victim is “totally broken”, that she is afraid after denouncing and that the prosecution involved in the case will have to analyze whether it is necessary to arrest the Boca player ” because of his past and to protect who can be prosecuted.

In dialogue with NTlawyer Roberto Castillo said: “He’s a completely broken persona girl who had a hard time getting information out of him that helped us file a complaint, and who, apart from that, is shaken by the fear she has.

The lawyer explained that in the victim’s account of the abuse in June of last year, “a submission and suffocation typical of the behavior that occurs for abusethe prosecution will therefore have to determine whether there was an attempted murder.

The photo that would serve as evidence in the investigation against Sebastián Villa

The lawyer assures that there was sexual abuse with carnal access and also shared a photo of the alleged blows of the player to the young woman where we see bruises on the buttocks.

Request by R. to Justice in the context of his criminal complaint against Sebastián Villa

  • Security measure in order to protect the physical integrity of the Villa with R.
  • Any type of contact, whether by telephone, mobile phone, e-mail, via third parties and/or any measure involving undue interference, is prohibited.
  • Prohibition of departure from the country denounced here, in order to guarantee the normal course of the process.

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