Senate Democrats statement on gun violence discharge resolutions

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – June 7, 2022 – Today, Pennsylvania Senate Democrats tabled six discharge resolutions seeking to pass anti-gun legislation and reform legislation in the state Senate for a vote. While Senate Republicans have proposed bills that would make guns more accessible and make it harder for municipalities to address gun violence, Senate Democrats’ bills that would strengthen gun safety in the Commonwealth have been blocked in committee.

Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa released the following statement on the latest attempt by Senate Democrats to address the serious problem of gun violence that exists in Pennsylvania and across the country:

“Every day we hear of more gun deaths – just this weekend there was a mass shooting on South Street in Philadelphia – but the majority do nothing. Yes, multiple solutions are needed to solve the epidemic of gun violence. Part of that is passing common-sense gun laws that don’t impede Second Amendment rights, but improve our systems to ensure only responsible gun owners have access to firearms. . We must protect our communities and we must act now.

Our caucus has done everything in our power to advance legislation that would directly close the loopholes in our law that make guns accessible to people who pose a threat to others or themselves, but the majority in Harrisburg n A single anti-gun violence bill has not been proposed out of committee. The six discharge resolutions give our fellow Republicans another opportunity to act in the best interests of their constituents and our Commonwealth.

It is tragic and horrifying to think, in the wake of multiple mass shootings across the country and the ongoing epidemic of gun violence being felt in communities across Pennsylvania, that we would continue to do nothing. It is high time we stopped sending thoughts and prayers, and acted instead.

Discharge resolutions have been tabled for the following bills:


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