Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) – NTSB Says Tesla’s Use of the Term “Full Self-Driving” is “Irresponsible” and Should Address “Basic Safety Concerns” First: WSJ

According to the head of the National Transport Safety Office (NTSB), United States, Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) the use of the term Full Self-Driving in its driver assistance technology is “irresponsible”, WSJ reports.

New NTSB chief Jennifer Homendy said Tesla needed to address some important security issues and the upcoming post was premature.

She also said that Tesla “has clearly misled a lot of people into abusing and abusing technology.” The NTSB can investigate and make recommendations, but has no enforcement powers.

Homendy also said those with regulatory and enforcement power, which the NTSB does not have, should aggressively regulate driver assistance technology for consumer safety.

In May, the legal transparency group PlainSite Tesla’s director of autopilot software told the California Department of Motor Vehicles that Musk overestimated the capabilities of the company’s advanced driver assistance system, a precursor to FSD.

Tesla is currently under investigation by the National Road Safety Administration (NHTSA) due to the fact that its autopilot system has struck emergency vehicles at least 11 times. New documents from NHTSA show they are looking for a lot of data.

Tesla was the only automaker not to have officially responded to the NTSB recommendations. However, this has increased the frequency of alerts if a driver takes their hands off the wheel while using the autopilot.

Earlier, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla said the company intends to expand its FSD to all of its customers by the end of September.

Tesla will use personal driving data to determine whether owners who have paid for its FSD software can access the latest beta.

Owners will be offered access to the beta software via a “beta request button”. Drivers who select the beta software will be asked for permission to access their driving behavior using Tesla’s insurance calculator, Musk said in a report. Tweeter.

“If driving behavior is good for seven days, beta access will be granted,” Musk wrote.

Tesla vehicles come standard with a driver assistance system called Autopilot. For an additional $ 10,000, homeowners can purchase the FSD.

In other Tweeter response, Musk said, FSD’s beta system can sometimes seem so good that vigilance isn’t necessary, but it does. In addition, any beta user who is not very careful will be started. Two thousand beta users have been running for almost a year without any accidents. It has to stay that way. “

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