“The best is yet to come”: Lili Bosse begins her 3rd term as mayor

BEVERLY HILLS, CA — Lili Bosse was sworn in Tuesday for her third term as mayor of Beverly Hills with Jonathan Gold serving as vice mayor.

The evening ended with performances by Debbie Allen Dance Academy, singer Ty Taylor and singer Kandace Lindsey. As one of the city’s first major in-person events since the pandemic began, the venue was buzzing with energy among the massive crowd. Crowds filled a two-level theater and spilled into an outdoor viewing area.

As the city said goodbye to the first term of Mayor Bob Wunderlich, who will be re-elected to City Council in June, a few themes have emerged at the forefront of the city’s political mind, including crime and disaster recovery. pandemic.

“If this was a Zoom meeting and we had to choose a password, I would suggest the word would be resilience. It describes our city well and its responses to the challenges of this time,” Gold said.

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Council members celebrate Bob Wunderlich

Council members applauded the incumbent mayor’s leadership throughout the pandemic, as his term began and ended mostly on Zoom.

“We experienced feelings and lived through a world that seemed chaotic, and we had to be apart. Under your leadership, Bob, you took us to where we can finally be together again,” Bosse said.

Wunderlich addressed challenges and successes during his year at the helm and celebrated community programs like Wellness Wednesdays, Sing For Hope, The Bob Pod and more.

“What’s very special about you is your humility, your modesty, your kindness. I think you’re probably the only person I know who went to Harvard and never tells anyone,” said Bump.

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Welcome to Lili Bosse

The city council unanimously approved Bosse as mayor at Tuesday’s meeting to raucous applause. She was sworn in by Nicole Avant, whose mother, Jacqueline Avant, was shot and killed in her Beverly Hills home last year.

“Lili is a woman of substance. … You are a woman of grace and intelligence. You are capable and you are kind – you are thoughtful, hardworking and efficient in everything you put your hands on. I saw it , and it’s true,” Avant said.

In her remarks, Bosse celebrated the work of her fellow council members and city staff, remembered late actor Sidney Poitier and doubled down on her disavowal of the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by the Russia.

“Most of you know me well and know that I always look for the positive, no matter how difficult the situation, but I think it’s fair to say that the past two years have been like nothing we could have imagined. Our world has changed,” Bosse said. She added, “Tonight begins a new chapter in Beverly Hills history and we will write it together. My passion and purpose on City Council has always been to provide a safe and healthy city for the residents and businesses of Beverly Hills.”

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Look forward

Bosse announced a number of new city programs and initiatives at Tuesday’s meeting that will be discussed at Tuesday’s council meeting. Many were focused on public safety and law enforcement.

The city has launched a new alert system called “BHPD alert,” which will allow residents to register for emergency alerts directly with the Beverly Hills Police Department, Bosse said. This program complements existing municipal notification systems.

Among other law enforcement-related initiatives, the city will introduce a real-time monitoring center to monitor the city’s extensive network of cameras and drones, Bosse said. The city will add 16 automated license plate readers across the city.

The city will consider creating an independent public health department on Tuesday, Bosse said.

All of these initiatives are complemented by business development and mental health programs run by Bosse, she announced on Tuesday.

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