The Editorial Board: Third Court Ruling Says Senecas Must Make Late Casino Payments | Editorial


After a federal court ruled to uphold the arbitrators’ decision, the Senecas took their case to the United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled against the Senecas in February 2021, affirming the panel’s decision. arbitration. The Senecas filed a motion in September with the U.S. District Court in Buffalo, asking Skretny to stay the execution of the judgment against them.

The Senecas had obtained letters from federal officials questioning the legality of the revenue sharing agreements. Skretny ruled in December that the legal concerns raised by the US Department of the Interior were not “on firm ground.”

In addition, the judge wrote that setting aside the judgment against the Senecas would impose a hardship on the state, “which has been waiting to receive the disputed payments for more than four years.”

Buffalo and Niagara Falls depend on their share of casino revenues to bolster their budgets. The mayors of those towns were measured in their words when they commented last week, but Byron W. Brown and Robert M. Restaino made it clear that it was time for the Senecas to pay.

Brad Maione, spokesperson for the New York State Gaming Commission, was more direct.

“The Nation has exhausted all its appeals, the judgment is final and the Nation’s most recent efforts to fabricate an extrajudicial delay route have been denied,” said Maione. “The nation should not continue to circumvent judgment or evade its clear obligations” to make its revenue sharing payments.


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