Trump’s decision to hold China and the World Health Organization accountable for a long time


President Trump takes off the gloves and finally holds the World Health Organization and China accountable for the coronavirus pandemic.

He has been making threats for weeks and followed through on those threats Tuesday by suspending hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to the WHO.

Trump’s decision could have ripple effects around the world and encourage the United States to impose sanctions on China for its role in the spread of the coronavirus. The president could also withdraw from the trade deal with China unless the communist nation is frank about the coronavirus.

But Trump is also doomed to take the brunt of the usual mainstream media suspects and Chinese apologists. WHO supporters will say Trump is hurting the fight against the pandemic at the worst possible time.

No, in fact, the time has come to shine the spotlight on the World Health Organization. Why has the WHO been so friendly with China?

“We’ve had issues with them for years,” Trump said of the WHO. “It should have been done by previous administrations a long time ago.”

The president said he was launching an investigation to determine whether to stop funding WHO for good.

“We will find out exactly what happened and we can be convinced that it could be fixed and we can be convinced that it is so bad that it cannot be fixed. And if that’s not possible, we take another path, ”Trump said.

But the facts are already clear: The WHO has been on China’s side for years and sided with the Communist dictatorship in its response to the coronavirus pandemic. China lied about how the coronavirus started.

The WHO director has repeatedly praised China’s ‘transparency’ – a joke given that China has sought to minimize the number of coronavirus cases and initially said it could not be spread by contact interhuman.

While Trump also took China’s claims at face value at first, it was WHO’s job to be on the ground and get the facts, and China’s job to provide them. Instead, the WHO strongly opposed Trump’s decision to impose a travel ban from China to the United States – a move Trump says that has saved thousands of lives.

“The World Health Organization has been a reported failure during this outbreak,” White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro said. “They basically withheld information from the public, they failed to call it a pandemic… and there is blood on their hands.”

WHO was founded in 1948 and is part of the United Nations system. There, no surprise.

The United States provides about 15% of the WHO budget, so Trump’s threats are having a real impact and could cripple the agency’s health initiatives.


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