United Way to invest $ 1 million in long-term recovery group

NEW ORLEANS – From the United Way of Southeast Louisiana:

On the first anniversary of Hurricane Ida, United Way of Southeast Louisiana on Wednesday announced a $ 1 million investment in local reconstruction efforts through long-term recovery groups serving Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines , St. Bernard, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa and Washington parishes.

Each LTRG – a collaboration of nonprofit, government, faith-based, business and other organizations – works within their respective communities to help households recover from the effects of Ida.

“The race is on to begin long-term reconstruction in Southeast Louisiana, and while organizational work is already underway, families are struggling to survive in appalling conditions without the resources to move forward.” said Michael Williamson, President and CEO of UWSELA. . “United Way is partnering with our local partners to start the recovery process, and we are taking the first step by making core funding available. We hope others will join us in this commitment to our communities.

After Hurricane Katrina, UWSELA played a critical role in local LTRGs, helping to come together and organize, avoid duplication of efforts, and address unmet community needs. In Ida’s wake, UWSELA will do much the same, working with partners to support and / or reestablish LTRGs in its seven parish service area with the help of the new staff specialist from long-term recovery from UWSELA.

Each parish’s group will reflect the unique nature of its communities while maintaining a common goal: to identify local disparities and address unmet needs. As the LTRGs identify the disparities, UWSELA will leverage its collaborative expertise to bring relevant service partners to the table to fill gaps in services, ensuring quality health, education and economic opportunities for all. .

UWSELA is also ready to deploy its Prosperity center services, offering a range of education, counseling, coaching and expert resources on financial capacity to help families regain stability and be better prepared for the next disaster.

In addition to financial support, UWSELA understands the critical role of the federal government in supporting long-term recovery efforts. The organization’s public policy team is developing an aggressive agenda with requests for congressional trust funding to support recovery and reconstruction needs in local communities.

“We saw firsthand how the lack of federal assistance hampered, and in many cases, stopped our neighbors’ recovery in southwest Louisiana after the catastrophic storms of 2020,” said Charmaine Caccioppi, UWSELA EVP and Chief Operating Officer. “To double our chances of success, we will work closely with our family at Louisiana United Ways, rallying our collective voices to gain the support of every affected community in our state.”

Hurricane Ida Relief Fund Progress

A month after the storm, UWSELA’s immediate relief efforts include:

  • Released over $ 600,000 in funds to provide immediate resources, including supplies, financial and legal assistance.
  • Organized 17 relief pop-ups that provided 10,500 local restaurant meals and 2,700 gift cards to support more than 6,800 families.
  • Transfer of program grant funding to partners needing additional support to meet relief and reconstruction needs.
  • Delivered over $ 250,000 and cash in mitigation supplies to hard hit areas.
  • Mobilized volunteers through the United Way HandsOn Entergy Volunteer Center to provide 1,072 hours of service, generating over $ 23,000 in community savings.

To learn more about Ida’s rescue and recovery work from UWSELA or to give a gift, visit UnitedWaySELA.org/IdaRelief.

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