Unpaid debt of Russian consumers for gas supply decreases in 2021 by 5.9 billion rubles

  • Arrears were reduced in 62 regions.
  • Current gas payments through digital services have increased nearly 1.5 times.

The Gazprom Board of Directors took note of the information on the improvement of payment discipline with regard to the supply of domestic gas, as well as the measures taken to recover the debt for the supplied gas, including the interaction with government authorities to perfect the current legislation that regulates the gas payment procedure.

It was pointed out that Gazprom timely fulfills all its obligations for the supply of reliable gas to Russian consumers. For example, 2021 has seen the Company significantly increase its gas supply – by more than 12% – as demand increases in the domestic market.

The Company continues to take steps to reduce outstanding consumer debt for gas supply, which remains a key issue in the domestic gas market. In 2021, the total outstanding debt of Russian gas consumers decreased by 5.9 billion rubles to 172.5 billion rubles. No less than 62 constituent entities of the Russian Federation reduced their debt to Gazprom last year (compared to 50 regions in 2020). In absolute terms, the largest reductions were achieved in the Kemerovo, Moscow and Samara regions, the Krasnodar Territory and the Penza region. Decreases in chargebacks were observed for most consumer groups, including heating suppliers.

Payment discipline is improved to a large extent thanks to efforts to improve the convenience and transparency of payments through the digital services provided by Gazprom. In 2021, their user base grew by 21.9%. Consumer payments made through online services increased by 45.4%.

The Company is continuing its cooperation with the executive bodies for the inventory of subscriber bases, the filing of legal claims and the development of proposals for updating the regulatory framework for gas payment. The Company’s initiatives aim to maintain a fair balance between the interests of gas suppliers and consumers, as well as to prevent illegal connections to gas networks.

The management committee was instructed to continue work on debt collection for supplied gas, to improve gas consumption discipline and to interact with government authorities to perfect the current legislation of the Russian Federation which regulates the procedure for payment of gas.

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