Unsustainable: how Covid-19 blew up the single payer

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In 1983, with his authority gone and his popularity exhausted, Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau launched a world “peace” tour in which he presented himself in trouble spots around the world as an honest broker for disarmament. The coup failed, Trudeau quit as prime minister, and the Liberals (now under John Turner) were defeated by Brian Mulroney.

In 2022, with his authority gone and his popularity exhausted, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has launched a global reset tour in which he presents himself as an honest broker for the global ESG and climate change agenda. Judging by the polls, this stunt will work out just as well as his father’s grandiose claim.

Which is inexplicable, because the nation that voted JT (okay, 33% of the nation voted Liberal last fall) is trash on so many fronts. Let’s choose the one that matters most to Canadians: health care. Or what’s left of it after Trudeau’s Covid policies.

This heart cry of a Vancouver Island nurse sums up the current crisis: “Every medical/surgical nurse tonight that I know will have 8-9 patients. We are 3 to 6 in the corridors. i.e. 8-9 rounds of vital signs that should be done at least every 4-6 hours, intravenous medications, fluids, hot flashes, line changes and starts that need to happen or constantly occurring, painkillers, drains, catheters, sutures and staples, admits discharges, dressing changes, bends, toileting, brief changes, conversations with doctors, doctor’s prescriptions, pharmacy , family phone calls, diet, sips of water, OR preparation, post-operative assessments, double chart checks, emergencies, pain medication, blood pressure, seizures, infections, not to mention all those problems, reports of violence, being kicked every shift by those we try to help, family members yelling at us to It’s because we’re not doing enough or the family member is in the hallway or he hasn’t seen a doctor (who by the way is drowning and doing the best he can). All those things that have to happen, FOR 8-9 PATIENTS for 12 hours a day, day after day for 35-50 dollars an hour!!!! It’s not good !!!!!! We can’t go on like this! People are going to die!! It’s not sure. We are only human and we are tired, overworked and leaving this profession with record numbers.

What to do? Whatever the Media Party may think, Tommy Douglas’ dream of one-stop healthcare has been realized by the Covid push. Having 200 cases nationwide in serious condition in a single day drove this nurse to despair. Up to one-third of hospital beds in the northern states of the United States are occupied by Canadians. There is a deep cynicism. @StephenPunwasi “By hospital, I mean in the hallway at best, since emergency health care is exploding in every province in the country. We really need to elect people who are not just in power because they have fun attacking their political opponents.

Alternatives were offered – and ignored. According to healthcare consultant Francesca Grosso, “Hospitals should be for acute episodic care and care for extremely complex patients with high risks or very complex, rare or risky surgery. Low-acuity surgery must be performed elsewhere. We need to build community supports. Surgery, home care, better primary care (providing 24/7 support – yes, that means bringing back the good old guards). Stop sending everyone to the emergency room.

At G&M André Picard dares to dream. “Imagine if…we did something radically pragmatic and recognised, as a starting point, that there is a role for financing and delivering public and private health care, but that’s not a panacea either. .

“Germany has better health care because it has extensive private health insurance; the Netherlands has a better public health system as it offers wide prescription drug coverage; France does not have long waiting lists, as it allows surgeons to practice in both public hospitals and private clinics; Denmark has the best care for the elderly because it offers home care and long-term care universally; and so on… In Canada, on the other hand, we have the worst of both worlds: a largely irresponsible public system and an almost unregulated private system.

Yet Michael Moore’s romantics fail to recognize that their classless dream is irreparably fractured. So risk-averse politicians say they will never support tinkering with the sacred cow of health. For Trudeau and the parties invested in single-payer health care, the simplest answer is to simply pump more money into the monopoly. (Printing money being Justin’s answer to everything.) If we just had X more nurses and doctors, the cure would be there.

No one in authority is blamed, no one is replaced. Medical councils for doctors and nurses refuse to liberalize their guidelines, leaving international workers out of the loop. In the case of Covid Czarina Teresa Tam, she receives a huge bonus for locking up children unnecessarily. The media promotes unicorns at the expense of the herd. So Trudeau flies off to Costa Rica or Tofino.

Interestingly, American health care — especially when it comes to the Covid fiasco — is having an epiphany. The Center for Disease Control has fallen on its sword, admitting its many failures in vaccinations, transparency and containment. “To be frank, we are responsible for some pretty dramatic and quite public mistakes. From testing to data to communications. »

The architects of the federal government’s Covid task force – Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx – are finally gone or going after their vaccine-promoting lies come to light. @GreenSmoke1776 “If you studied vaccine development, you would know the impossibility of making a Corona Vax, which they had failed on for 2 decades. But all of a sudden, SEVERAL different companies are developing one with different formulations in some months ? “

Basic documents denied to Americans on vaccines, masking and isolation are finally seen. A judge has stopped the Marine Corps from dismissing unvaccinated Marines. It can be done. Will Canada tinker with its much-vaunted healthcare system or actually reform it?

The departure of Trudeau Sr. led to NAFTA, the most dramatic departure for Canadian trade with the United States. Could it be that Trudeau Jr.’s departure heralds a similar sea change toward better health care in Canada? Be still my troubled heart.

Bruce Dowbiggin @dowbboy is the editor of Not The Public Broadcaster (http://www.notthepublicbroadcaster.com). A two-time Gemini Award winner as Canada’s top TV sports broadcaster, he is a regular contributor to Sirius XM Canada Talks Ch. 167. Inexact Science: The Six Most Convincing Draft Years In NHL History, His new book with his son Evan, was voted the eighth best professional hockey book by bookauthority.org . His 2004 book Money Players was voted seventh best and is available via http://brucedowbigginbooks.ca/book-personalaccount.aspx

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