Vicksburg Mayor Flaggs holds public Q&A on his third term – The Vicksburg Post

On Wednesday, Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs Jr. held a question-and-answer session about his third term in office.

The meeting was open to all Vicksburg residents who wished to voice their concerns about the city directly to Flaggs.

A resident raised concerns about the polling stations.

“Our constituencies, when people go out to vote, they get confused,” he said. “I wonder if you’re going to agree with the county (on this).”

“I have appointed a committee, a municipal committee, to look at precincts and overlapping precincts,” Flaggs replied. “What is confusing is that county constituencies overlap with municipal constituencies. They are not for the same elections. Municipal elections are held every four years, while departmental elections are held annually.

Flaggs added that he thinks there are too many precincts, but wants to consult with the county commissioner of elections to move the precinct lines as little as possible.

The part of the meeting that generated a big response came when several attendees voiced their concerns about reckless driving around town.

Another citizen took the opportunity to share his concerns about road safety with Flaggs.

“First of all, I really want to offer my appreciation for what’s happened in the city. I mean, there are obviously positive changes that are happening. What I want from you is that you understand that there are things that may not be obvious to everyone, but still need to happen,” he told Flaggs. “And that relies on traffic control and the traffic enforcement in this city. It’s dangerous to drive in this city. As a resident, I see it every day. In the end, people don’t obey the traffic laws in this city. . »

Flaggs mentioned that he would like to consider road design as a possible solution.

“The traffic design for this city may be outdated, and we may need to think about it,” he said.

The mayor also pointed out that the construction that closed Lee Road as well as the construction of bridges over Interstate 20 forced a lot more traffic onto Indiana Avenue.

Another citizen spoke on the issue.

“I think the biggest problem is people don’t obey the speed limit, they’re on their cell phones, they don’t stop, they don’t know the rules of the road. And I never see any of these people getting arrested,” she said. “And one more thing: I see a lot of cars around here, trucks with trailers, no one has a tag. of these things? I was in Colorado, you can’t talk on your cell phone (while driving). It’s a city ordinance, why can’t we do that here?”

“I don’t think we enforce these (violations) as we should,” Flaggs replied.

Several other members of the public have expressed concerns about the displacement of traffic violations in the city.

After thanking attendees for their participation, Flags addressed the room, saying, “We’re going to meet (law enforcement) next week, and we’ll talk about law enforcement and doing more. citations, especially on displacement violations.”

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