ZeOmega® “Leading” with the highest score of all providers reviewed in the KLAS “Payer Care Management 2021 Performance Report”


PLANO, Texas, June 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – KLAS Research cited ZeOmega’s industry-leading population health management (PHM) platform Jiva as a leader in payers for configurability, ease of use, Superior API, integration and customer support. The full report can be read here.

The KLAS report states, “High performing ZeOmega customers report that the vendor’s strong integration, configurability and ease of use have helped them improve automation and save money. A quality analyst described to KLAS: “Jiva is superior to other systems because we can configure a lot of things ourselves and really make it our own … The ability to configure the system to our own needs is what sets it apart from other platforms. We don’t. have a process that’s currently on hold that we can’t do. We were able to make all the processes that we created work. “

“Most respondents also praise the APIs in the solution, which they believe facilitate good integration with other systems,” the report continues. “Overall, organizations are getting the results they expected from using the system. A senior vice president said, “When I first got my job, the organization’s leadership said we had to prove ZeOmega was the right choice by having a 30% increase in productivity. . I have to say that we actually exceeded that percentage target. When I got the results, I sent them directly to management. I couldn’t ask for more tangible results than what we got. They also share their enthusiasm for the next release dashboards while the Vendor Overview section of the report sums up customer feedback on Jiva as follows: “Powerful, flexible and configurable technology.” Used for commercial services, Medicare, Medicaid and ACO. “

The report is a testament to ZeOmega’s dedication and innovation to go beyond current PHM standards. ZeOmega strengthens health plans and other organizations at risk by simplifying the management of population health. Jiva’s modular capabilities support a holistic and transparent, person-centered approach to the delivery of care. Deeply intelligent yet easy to use, Jiva houses all the tools and resources an organization could need to accomplish value-based care, all contained in a single, highly scalable platform.

Beyond Jiva’s capabilities, customers have also expressed satisfaction with the professionalism of ZeOmega experts. Not only did Jiva’s robust abilities shine, but the team behind Jiva (those who are on the pitch and collaborate face-to-face with payers) also received excellent reviews. The report further states: “Customers generally consider ZeOmega to be responsive when it comes to meeting support needs.”

“We are delighted to read the wonderful things our customers are saying about Jiva,” says Sada Rai, president of ZeOmega. “Being so well considered in the report only reinforces our responsibility and our passion to continue on the path of service excellence. “

To learn more about Jiva’s advanced capabilities, visit https://www.zeomega.com/solutions-jiva/.

About ZeOmega
ZeOmega empowers health plans and other at-risk organizations with industry-leading technology to simplify population health management. Customers using the Jiva platform experience workflow excellence and proven results thanks to the exceptional system integration capabilities, superior clinical content, and powerful rules engine. With deep domain expertise and a comprehensive understanding of population health challenges, ZeOmega is a true partner for customers, offering flexible deployment and delivery models. By constantly meeting customer expectations and project references, ZeOmega has acquired a reputation for responsiveness and reliability. Visit the ZeOmega website at www.zeomega.com.

About KLAS
KLAS is a research and analytics company with a global mission to improve healthcare delivery by amplifying the voice of the provider. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians, KLAS collects data and information on medical software, services and equipment to provide timely reports, trends and statistical insights. Research directly represents the voice of the supplier and acts as a catalyst for improving supplier performance. Follow KLAS on Twitter. Learn more at: klasresearch.com.


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